S100 Bike Care joins The Key Collection

Premium German-made motorcycle care brand now available through The Key Collection at Fowlers

Germany’s number one motorcycle care brand, S100, is now exclusively available from The Key Collection at Fowlers, offering UK riders premium motorcycle, helmet and clothing products through their extensive dealer network.

Launched in 1980, S100’s Complete Motorcycle Cleaner was the first of its kind. The spray-on/rinse-off formula was developed by Dr Oscar Wack, an industrial chemist, who wanted an easy and effective way to clean dried-on mud and chain grease off his sons’ motocross bikes. 

Since then, S100 has grown into a leading motorcycle care brand. Trusted by discerning motorcyclists worldwide, it has scooped numerous awards, including the prestigious Motorrad Magazine ‘Best Cleaning Brand’ four years running. 

S100’s success is credited to unrivalled levels of research and development. The business has the highest percentage of staff working in R&D in the industry and invests over 30% of turnover into developing and testing new products, as well as improving existing lines. The range includes: 

  • S100 MOTO WASH – the latest formula of S100’s proven Gel Cleaner, Moto Wash removes dirt, insect residue, grease, and oil stains effortlessly, without leaving water stains or harming sensitive surfaces. 
  • S100 CHAIN LUBE WHITE – improved long-term lubrication that extends the mileage of the chain and sprockets considerably. It has almost no spin-off, high wash-off resistance (e.g. when riding in rain), and built-in corrosion protection. Suitable for all chain types. 
  • S100 VISOR & HELMET CLEANER – scratch and streak free cleaning for all visor types; including transparent, tinted, metallised or with anti-fog coating. Can also be used on helmet shells, headlights, touring windscreens and mirrors. Supplied with a microfibre towel. 

The Key Collection is a multi-award-winning wholesaler, whose brand portfolio includes Weise Clothing, Duchinni Youth clothing, Gear Gremlin accessories, and Kovix security.

The S100 range is currently being rolled out across The Key Collection’s dealer network. For details of the complete S100 range visit https://www.thekeycollection.co.uk/2020/brands/s100/